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Flagyl ER is used for treating certain bacterial infections of the vagina (bacterial vaginosis).

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Flagyl 400 mg pills. (a) Preparation of tablets. (b) Dosing. Adults, 19 years and older, taking 20 mg/day or less, one tablet at bedtime on the seventh consecutive day. Children receiving 200 mg/day of one tablet at bedtime on the seventh consecutive bedtime, according to school child care center recommendations and by age for optimal patient care. (c) Monitor blood pressure and heart rate. Instruct patients of all emergency medical services contacts (including dialysis) as to the diagnosis and treatment of hypoglycemia, e.g., glucose tests, and insulin as needed. In addition, instruct patients of the importance having a "Checkpoint Doctor" who can be promptly contacted in case of symptoms or emergency. (d) Administration of medicine. (1) In infusion preparation, use 1.05 mL/kg/dose, 1 mL/kg, or 2mL/kg, as recommended by the manufacturer, over four doses (maximum 10) per day. In tablets preparation, use 50 mg/3 mL/dose. In administration devices (1) Ensure that are used with careful accuracy and are not over- or under filled. (2) Insulin pump. Make sure pump is set to the correct settings when administering insulin. (3) In infusion devices, use the insulin dose rate you would use for maintenance treatment with the device in best possible setting, including continuous positive airway pressure support. (4) If pump stops or is not giving appropriate dose after 4-6 hours, administer another dose that is appropriate and consistent with pump settings for best matching of dose to settings. (5) If a glucose meter displays hypoglycemic correction and insulin dose is less than half of the indicated amount, continue insulin dose if the meter displays that it will provide adequate insulin administration. If the meter displays that there is no correction due to hypoglycemia, the dose may be decreased. If you cannot use these devices if a device is malfunctioning, notify the manufacturer. company will send you a replacement device to the address it has on file. (6) If continuous meter support is needed via pulse oximetry, an injection of insulin is not needed if the glucose or blood readings continue to be within normal limits (e.g., range) for at least 4-6 hours, but you must advise the technician to reduce continuous meter support with subsequent readings if levels are more then 10 points below baseline. The technician simply must tell you that are receiving insulin and provide the proper dose. (7) same dose adjustment or less would apply if it was necessary to change from pump therapy injection or infusion to maintain a constant rate. In any event, once the patient is receiving continuous insulin management, you may increase the dose while on pump maintaining the same insulin dose and action. doses below the daily dose recommendation may result in significant elevation of blood glucose. Injection doses insulin may be lower due to increased muscle pain from a lower intensity insulin bolus. Once a patient receives the new pumps and is adequately adjusted with the recommended pump regimen, monitoring should be initiated for hemoglobin A1c (Hgb A1c) and insulin response testing, if clinically indicated. (8) Insulin-Na and insulin-Gln concentrations should be kept stable. For these doses of insulin the target concentrations insulin-Ra and insulin-Gln are 50 mg/dl, 80 and 100 mg/dl for fasting in serum, respectively, with a normal target insulin-Na concentration of 9.3 mmol/L. (9) Insulin release under fasting or insulin-Ra and insulin-Gln challenge has been demonstrated to be less than 100 kIU U/mL, but not as low 100 kIU/mL for insulin. This may be because of differences in blood volume and acid-base imbalance, which contribute to this insulin-AUC ratio. (10) Insulin-Gln concentrations should be kept stable for these doses of insulin within +/-25% a dose that has been shown to remain stable during fasting and a 6-hour challenge with insulin (i.e., the target concentration is set below 50 mg/dl for insulin-Gln, within 20% of this target for insulin-Ra, within 8% of the target for insulin-Ra and within 1% of the target for insulin-Gln). (11) If insulin-Gln concentrations are kept too low, they may begin to reflect the dose of insulin-Na required to sustain stable levels of insulin-AUC. (d) If you are aware of situations when you must increase the dosage of insulin, inform your healthcare professional or pharmacist. You may safely increase the dosage and maintain treatment level by making a simple adjustment to the insulin dose as needed depending on blood glucose and other factors. (e) If you have insulin insufflation to monitor and evaluate glucose homeostasis insulin action, start monitoring Hgb A1.