Articles - Outside The Court

Time Out, Phil Harrison – Pick of the Day
It's an unadorned and minimalist affair….but trust grows, the floodgates open and eventually he elicits all manner of illuminating testimony.

The Mail on Sunday – Pick of the day
Film-maker Marc Isaacs produces a gem of a documentary drawing upon the surprising frankness with which strangers…opened up to him. There are darkly comic moments…but there's also a lot of sadness as the reality hits home of how many people passing through the courts are in need of psychiatric or addiction treatment as much as prison.

The Observer, Merce Chambers – Pick of the day (30th of January 2011)
'Very revealing'

The Daily Telegraph, Misha – Digital Choice (29th Jan, 2011)
Marc Isaacs perceptive film delves into the live of people appearing at Highbury Magistrates Court.

Sunday Times, Martin James – Critics Choice (30th Jan, 2011)
…original and poignant film…

The Scotsman – Pick of the day (29th Jan, 2011)
Scotland on Sunday – Pick of the day (30th Jan,
The Independent, Gerard Gilbert – Critics Choice (31st Jan, 2011)